HP L11421-422 HSTNN-LB8M L11421-2D2 L11421-2C2 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

New 3Cell 11.55V 41.9Wh HP L11421-422 HSTNN-LB8M L11421-2D2 L11421-2C2 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

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Products Specifications
Product Description: HP - Laptop Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Condition: Brand New

Device Type: Laptop battery

Battery: 11.55V 3 Cell 41.9WH / 11.55V 3 Cell 41.7WH / 11.4V 3 Cell 41.04WH

Package Included: 1 x Battery

Compatible with part number:

HT03XL, L11119-855, HT03041XL-PL, L11421-542, L11421-545, HSTNN-UB7J, L11421-421, HSTNN-LB8L, L11421-422, HSTNN-LB8M, L11421-2D2, L11421-2C2, HSTNN-DB8R, L11421-1C1, HSTNN-IB8O

Fits for laptop model:

HP TPN-C135, TPN-C136, TPN-I130, TPN-I131, TPN-I132, TPN-I133, TPN-I134, TPN-Q207, TPN-Q208, TPN-Q209, TPN-Q210 Laptops
HP 240 245 246 250 255 256 G7 Laptop PC
HP 340 348 G5 Laptop PC
HP 14 15 17 Laptop PC
HP Pavilion 14 15 Laptop PC



1. Because there are too many product IDs and part numbers, we did not list them. If you have any questions, please contact us.
2. Some Batteries were shipped in bulk to us, it might come with minor scratches.
3. The image shown here is indicative only. If there is inconsistency between the image and the actual product, the actual product shall govern.

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