New HP 250 G6 45W 19.5V 2.31A/65W 19.5V 3.33A Slim AC Adapter Power Charger+Cable

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Products Specifications:
AC Input: 100-240V 50- 60 Hz

DC Output: 19.5V 2.31A 45W / 19.5V 3.33A 65W / 19.5V 4.62A 90W

Connector: 4.5X3.0MM (4.5mm barrel connector)

Ships to: Free Delivery Worldwide

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Condition: Brand New, 100% OEM Compatible !

Package Included:
1 X Ac Adapter
1 X Power Cord Cable (Match your country)

Fits for laptop model:

HP 250 NoteBook PC series
HP 250 G6 Laptop PC

1WY48EA, 1XN67EA, 1WY37EA, 1WY85EA, 1XN75EA, 1XN69EA, 1WY40EA, 1WY73EA, 1WY50EA, 1RR54PA, 1TT46EA, 1WY14EA, 1WY15EA, 1WY33EA, 1WY87EA, 2EB91PA, 2FG00PA, 2FG06PA, 2FG08PA, 2KQ38PA, 1NM15LT, 1WY38EA, 1NM08LT, 1NM17LA, 1WY77EA, 1WZ03EA, 2EB73PA, 1WY39EA, 1XN71EA, 1FW46PT, 1NM03LT, 1NM05LT, 1NM07LT, 1NM12LT, 1NM14LT, 1WY23EA, 1WY41EA, 1WY88EA, 2FG16PA, 1WY78EA, 1XN42EA, 1XN50EA, 1XN51EA, 1FW45PT, 1RR55PA, 1TT45EA, 1WY08EA, 1WY43EA, 1WY65EA, 1WY76EA, 1XN28EA, 2EB74PA, 2FG07PA, 2FG09PA, 2FG15PA, 1XN68EA, 1NM10LT, 1NM16LA, 1WY57EA, 1XN74EA, 1WZ01EA, 1WZ02EA, 1WZ04EA, 2DF81PA, 2DF82PA, 1XN70EA, 1FW47PT, 1NM04LA, 1NM06LT, 1NM09LT, 1NM13LA, 2DF83PA, 2FF98PA, 1XN65EA, 1XN52EA, 1XN53EA, 1FW48PT, 1WY24EA, 1WY46EA, 1WY54EA, 1WY61EA, 1WY79EA, 1XN47EA, 2FF97PA, 2FG10PA, 2KQ33PA, 1XN76EA, 1WY19EA, 1WY63EA, 1WY80EA, 1XN40EA, 2KQ40PA, 2KQ41PA, 1XN72EA, 1WY25EA, 1WY58EA, 1WY59EA, 1WY81EA, 1WY82EA, 1WY83EA, 1XN73EA, 1WY84EA, 2LB55EA, 3KZ60PA, 2LB57EA, 2LB85EA, 1LQ06LA, 1WY32EA, 1ZS00LA, 2LC21EA, 2RC12PA, 2SY32EA, 2YV61PA, 3BA98PA, 1WY30EA, 1WY09EA, 1WY12EA, 1XN88EA, 2SX56EA, 2SX60EA, 2SX62EA, 2SX68EA, 3WS00PA, 3VJ64ES, 2SX61EA, 2SX69EA, 2SX70EA, 2UC34ES, 3XL40PA, 2SX49EA, 2SX50EA, 2SX51EA, 2SX52EA, 2SX53EA, 2SX58EA, 2SX65EA, 3VJ82EA, 3WR99PA, 2SX57EA, 2XY39EA, 3QL41ES, 3QL98ES, 3VJ82ES, 2SX67EA, 3QL57ES, 4BD80EA, 4BD81EA, 4JB17PA, 4SC48PA, 4TD76PA, 3QM76EA, 3VJ16EA, 3VJ17EA, 3VJ18EA, 3VJ19EA, 4BC57EA, 4BD79EA, 3PN69PA, 2SP32PA, 2RR63EA, 1WY75EA, 1WY94EA, 1WY18EA, 1WY74EA, 2SX64EA, 2SX66EA, 4BS06EP, 3DP53EA, 3QM01ES, 3QM18ES, 2VL25PA, 2XR99PA, 3DN20EA, 3VJ63ES, 4BC86ES, 2XR97PA, 3QL56ES, 3QM09ES, 3VJ59ES, 2SX59EA, 2SX63EA, 3VJ49ES, 3GJ36EA, 3QM19ES, 3VK07ES, 3VJ60ES, 2SX72EA, 3CA16ES, 3VJ23EA, 3VJ24EA, 4WD81PA, 4BC79ES, 3VJ20EA, 3VJ22EA, 3VJ21EA, 3VJ51ES, 3KY32ES, 2PD38PA, 3KZ61PA, 3PN68PA, 3VK06ES, 3QL44ES, 3QL46ES, 3QL50ES, 3QM02ES, 3VJ58ES, 3VJ78ES, 3VK20ES, 2LC14EA, 2RC07PA, 2RC08PA, 2RC09PA, 2ST81PA, 2TL29PA, 2XM57PA, 2XR50PA, 4VT51PA, 2XZ40EA, 3KY48ES, 3QL94ES, 3VJ62ES, 2LB99EA, 2LC18EA, 2SX93EA, 3KY27ES, 3QM08ES, 3QM10ES, 3QM17ES, 1WY97EA, 2LC23EA, 2SX78EA, 2TL20PA, 2TL24PA, 2VE60PA, 3PH80EP, 4AD41PA, 4DB39PC, 2LC19EA, 3DN67EA, 3GH75EA, 3KY42ES, 3QL48ES, 3QM16ES, 3QM20ES, 3QL42ES, 1ZR24LA, 2HG63ES, 2TL26PA, 3VK51ES, 2XZ41EA, 2LB42EA, 2LB53EA, 2RR66EA, 3KZ62PA, 3VK17ES, 3CA12ES, 3QM00ES, 3QM07ES, 3VJ76ES, 3VJ83ES, 3AL83PA, 3VJ48ES, 3QL43ES, 3QL53ES, 2RR62ES, 3CA13ES, 1XP03EA, 1WY42EA, 1WY11EA, 1WY51EA, 1XN32EA, 1XN46EA, 1XN78EA, 1XN89EA, 1WY29EA, 1WY45EA, 1WY64EA, 1WY60EA, 4BD14EA, 4LT08EA, 4PH61PA, 4BC63ES, 3VK53EA, 3VK54EA, 3ZF05PA, 4BD43EA, 4JB16PA, 4LS81EA, 4LT05EA, 4NV79PA, 4QG12PA, 4QG13PA, 4QG14PA, 4QW30EA, 4SA50PA, 4BC87ES, 3VK28EA, 3VK56EA, 4BD82EA, 3VK25EA, 3VK26EA, 3ZF06PA, 4BD47EA, 4LT06EA, 4LT07EA, 4LT10EA, 4LT11EA, 4RD44PA, 4TD91PA, 3QM21EA, 3QM22EA, 3QM23EA, 3QM24EA, 3QM25EA, 3QM26EA, 3QM27EA, 3YG05UT, 3YG10UT, 4BD83EA, 4LT01EA, 4LT02EA, 4LT13EA, 3VK55EA, 4LT14EA, 4TD93PA, 3VK27EA, 4BC85EA, 4LT09EA, 4LT15EA, 4TD92PA, 2WL92PA, 4SA49PA, 3SG32PA, 4AD52PA, 4AK67PA, 2XG26PA, 3KZ63PA, 3MR40PA, 4KU69PA, 1XN39EA, 2LB60EA, 2LC15EA, 2LC25EA, 2RC10PA, 2XR76PA, 2YB32PA, 2ZD29PA, 3GG72PA, 3GP44PA, 3GP59PA, 3MR39PA, 3XJ15PA, 4FG06PA, 4HR25PA, 4LC15PA, 4QW31EA, 3QL55ES, 3PK82PA, 3VJ50ES, 3VK12ES, 3QM06ES, 1XN77EA, 1XN80EA, 2TL25PA, 2TL30PA, 2XM23PA, 3GH27PA, 3MR30PA, 3UW53PA, 4AD49PA, 4LT53EA, 4UP40EC, 3VK10ES, 3VK11ES, 3DN66EA, 3KY43ES, 2LC11EA, 2XG28PA, 2XG34PA, 3UH48PA, 4TD75PA, 3GH56EA, 1XN79EA, 2RR64EA, 2SX79EA, 2TL28PA, 2ZN80PA, 3BB01PA, 3JS68PA, 4AK10PA, 3VK13ES, 1WY63ES, 2XZ42EA, 3QL58ES, 3QL95ES, 3QL96ES, 3VJ77ES, 2EV86EA, 2HG71ES, 2LB54EA, 2LB61EA, 2LC16EA, 2LC26EA, 2RR67EA, 2RR68EA, 2SY46ES, 2XG25PA, 3KX69EA, 3KZ64PA, 3MR41PA, 3SG29PA, 3SG38PA, 4QW77EA, 3VK52ES, 3CA11ES, 3CA15ES, 3QM05ES, 3QM15ES, 3VJ75ES, 2XS00PA, 3MP40PA, 3RT26PC, 3TU19PA, 3UH54PA, 3UY63PA, 4DP32LA, 3VJ99ES, 3VK00ES, 4BC65ES, 2RR69ES, 3SG48PA, 3SG49PA, 3DN23ES, 1XN34EA, 1WY16EA, 1WY52EA, 1XN35EA, 2XG35PA, 3WS99PA, 3QM12ES, 1ZS08LA, 1ZR16LA, 1ZR17LA, 1ZR29LA, 1ZS09LA, 2TS17PA, 3WT00PA, 4AD39PA, 4TL46PA, 3QL59ES, 2LC17EA, 2XG32PA, 3FB95EP, 4VU08PA, 3QM11ES, 3VJ61ES, 3VJ84ES, 1LQ01LA, 1WY55EA, 1LQ00LA, 1LQ02LA, 1WY86EA, 1XN31EA, 3XL33PA, 4PY06PA, 4EL40PA, 3YW41LP, 1XN81EA, 3YV68EP, 3KY23ES, 4CX78EC, 3VJ70ES, 3KY31ES, 2DT94UT, 2DW50UT, 1NW55UT, 1NW56UT, 1NW57UT, 2QY93EC, 3GH98ES


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