HP L20474-001 SPS-L20474-001 Laptop CPU Fan UMA

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Quick Overview
This fan can be used as a replacement for your original fan, if the original is faulty or damaged. The fans may require soldering and it is strongly advised that you have the item fitted by a qualified computer technician. Please be aware that many fans have the same part number and you should make sure that you remove the old fan and compare it with the picture contained within the listing.

Professional Fit Required

Note: Make sure that the product is the same as the picture of your original fan before you buy it.

Products Specifications:
DC: 5V 0.4A

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Ships to: Free Delivery Worldwide

Condition: Brand New, 100% OEM Compatible !

Package Included:
1 X Fan

Fits for model or part number:

HP L20474-001, SPS-L20474-001

HP 250 255 256 G7 Laptop PC
HP 15-da0000 15-da1000 15-da2000 Laptop PC
HP 15-db0000 15-db1000 Laptop PC
HP 15-di0000 15-di1000 15-di2000 Laptop PC
HP 15g-dr0000 15g-dr1000 15g-dx0000 Laptop PC
HP 15q-ds0000 15q-ds1000 15q-ds2000 15q-dy0000 Laptop PC

Note: Please make sure your original fan is exactly the same as this one. Sometimes the same series of laptops use different fans because they have different independent and integrated graphics cards.

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