New HP Envy 17-ce1000 Laptop 65W 19.5V 3.33A/90W 19.5V 4.62A Slim AC Adapter Power Supply Charger+Cable

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Products Specifications:
AC Input: 100-240V 50- 60 Hz

DC Output: 19.5V 3.33A 65W / 19.5V 4.62A 90W

Connector: 4.5X3.0MM (4.5mm barrel connector)

Ships to: Free Delivery Worldwide

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Condition: Brand New, 100% OEM Compatible !

Package Included:
1 X Ac Adapter
1 X Power Cord Cable (Match your country)

Fits for laptop model:

HP Envy 17 Laptop PC Series
HP Envy 17-ce1000 Laptop PC
HP Envy 17t-ce100 Laptop PC

HP ENVY 17T-CE100,HP Envy 17-CE1003CA,HP Envy 17-CE1008CA,HP Envy 17-CE1010NR,HP Envy 17-CE1035CL,HP Envy 17-ce1030nr,HP Envy 17-ce1031nr,HP Envy 17M-CE1013DX,HP Envy 17-ce0xxx Refurb PC,HP Envy 17-ce1135ng,HP Envy 17-ce1555ng,HP Envy 17-ce1675ng,HP Envy 17-ce1010nr,HP Envy 17-ce1000nb,HP Envy 17-ce1000nf,HP Envy 17-ce1000nk,HP Envy 17-ce1000nm,HP Envy 17-ce1000np,HP Envy 17-ce1000nq,HP Envy 17-ce1000ns,HP Envy 17-ce1000nv,HP Envy 17-ce1000nz,HP Envy 17-ce1000ur,HP Envy 17-ce1001ng,HP Envy 17-ce1001np,HP Envy 17-ce1001nq,HP Envy 17-ce1001nw,HP Envy 17-ce1001nz,HP Envy 17-ce1001ur,HP Envy 17-ce1002nb,HP Envy 17-ce1002nf,HP Envy 17-ce1002ng,HP Envy 17-ce1002np,HP Envy 17-ce1002nq,HP Envy 17-ce1002nv,HP Envy 17-ce1002ur,HP Envy 17-ce1003ng,HP Envy 17-ce1003np,HP Envy 17-ce1003nq,HP Envy 17-ce1003ur,HP Envy 17-ce1004nb,HP Envy 17-ce1004nf,HP Envy 17-ce1004ng,HP Envy 17-ce1004ur,HP Envy 17-ce1005nb,HP Envy 17-ce1005nf,HP Envy 17-ce1005ng,HP Envy 17-ce1005ur,HP Envy 17-ce1006nb,HP Envy 17-ce1006nf,HP Envy 17-ce1006ng,HP Envy 17-ce1006nl,HP Envy 17-ce1007nf,HP Envy 17-ce1007nl,HP Envy 17-ce1008nb,HP Envy 17-ce1008nl,HP Envy 17-ce1009nb,HP Envy 17-ce1012nb,HP Envy 17-ce1015nb,HP Envy 17-ce1016nm,HP Envy 17-ce1017nb,HP Envy 17-ce1017no,HP Envy 17-ce1022nb,HP Envy 17-ce1027nb,HP Envy 17-ce1035nb,HP Envy 17-ce1039nb,HP Envy 17-ce1042nb,HP Envy 17-ce1053nb,HP Envy 17-ce1210ng,HP Envy 17-ce1220ng,HP Envy 17-ce1305ng,HP Envy 17-ce1320ng,HP Envy 17-ce1330ng,HP Envy 17-ce1500nz,HP Envy 17-ce1506nz,HP Envy 17-ce1611ng,HP Envy 17-ce1615ng,HP Envy 17-ce1650nd,HP Envy 17-ce1701nz,HP Envy 17-ce1706nz,HP Envy 17-ce1710ng,HP Envy 17-ce1900nz,HP Envy 17-ce1904nz,HP Envy 17-ce1905nz,HP Envy 17-ce1906nd,HP Envy 17-ce1907nd,HP Envy 17-ce1907nz

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