New HP Envy 13-ad100 Laptop 45W 19.5V 2.31A/65W 19.5V 3.33A Slim AC Adapter Power Supply Charger+Cable

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Products Specifications:
AC Input: 100-240V 50- 60 Hz

DC Output: 45W 19.5V 2.31A / 19.5V 3.33A 65W / 19.5V 4.62A 90W

Connector: 4.5X3.0MM (4.5mm barrel connector)

Ships to: Free Delivery Worldwide

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Condition: Brand New, 100% OEM Compatible !

Package Included:
1 X Ac Adapter
1 X Power Cord Cable (Match your country)

Fits for laptop model:

HP ENVY 13 Laptop PC Series
HP Envy 13-ad100 Laptop PC

HP Envy 13-ad105la,HP Envy 13-ad106la,HP Envy 13-ad107la,HP Envy 13T-AD100 LAPTOP PC,HP Envy 13-AD100CA,HP Envy 13-AD110CA,HP Envy 13-AD120NR,HP Envy 13-AD173CL,HP Envy 13-AD192MS,HP Envy 13-ad100TU,HP Envy 13-ad100TX,HP Envy 13-ad101TU,HP Envy 13-ad101TX,HP Envy 13-ad101nc,HP Envy 13-ad102TU,HP Envy 13-ad102TX,HP Envy 13-ad102nw,HP Envy 13-ad103TU,HP Envy 13-ad103TX,HP Envy 13-ad103nw,HP Envy 13-ad104TU,HP Envy 13-ad104TX,HP Envy 13-ad105TU,HP Envy 13-ad105TX,HP Envy 13-ad106TU,HP Envy 13-ad106TX,HP Envy 13-ad107TU,HP Envy 13-ad107TX,HP Envy 13-ad108TU,HP Envy 13-ad108TX,HP Envy 13-ad109TU,HP Envy 13-ad109TX,HP Envy 13-ad110TU,HP Envy 13-ad110TX,HP Envy 13-ad111TU,HP Envy 13-ad111TX,HP Envy 13-ad112TU,HP Envy 13-ad112TX,HP Envy 13-ad113TU,HP Envy 13-ad113TX,HP Envy 13-ad114TU,HP Envy 13-ad114TX,HP Envy 13-ad115TU,HP Envy 13-ad115TX,HP Envy 13-ad116TU,HP Envy 13-ad117TU,HP Envy 13-ad117TX,HP Envy 13-ad118TU,HP Envy 13-ad118TX,HP Envy 13-ad119TU,HP Envy 13-ad119TX,HP Envy 13-ad120TU,HP Envy 13-ad120TX,HP Envy 13-ad121TU,HP Envy 13-ad121TX,HP Envy 13-ad122TU,HP Envy 13-ad122TX,HP Envy 13-ad123TU,HP Envy 13-ad123TX,HP Envy 13-ad124TU,HP Envy 13-ad124TX,HP Envy 13-ad125TU,HP Envy 13-ad125TX,HP Envy 13-ad126TU,HP Envy 13-ad126TX,HP Envy 13-ad127TU,HP Envy 13-ad127TX,HP Envy 13-ad128TU,HP Envy 13-ad128TX,HP Envy 13-ad129TU,HP Envy 13-ad129TX,HP Envy 13-ad130TU,HP Envy 13-ad130TX,HP Envy 13-ad131TU,HP Envy 13-ad131TX,HP Envy 13-ad132TU,HP Envy 13-ad132TX,HP Envy 13-ad133TU,HP Envy 13-ad133TX,HP Envy 13-ad134TU,HP Envy 13-ad134TX,HP Envy 13-ad135TU,HP Envy 13-ad135TX,HP Envy 13-ad136TU,HP Envy 13-ad136TX,HP Envy 13-ad137TU,HP Envy 13-ad137TX,HP Envy 13-ad138TU,HP Envy 13-ad138TX,HP Envy 13-ad139TU,HP Envy 13-ad139TX,HP Envy 13-ad140TU,HP Envy 13-ad140TX,HP Envy 13-ad141TU,HP Envy 13-ad141TX,HP Envy 13-ad142TU,HP Envy 13-ad142TX,HP Envy 13-ad143TU,HP Envy 13-ad143TX,HP Envy 13-ad144TU,HP Envy 13-ad144TX,HP Envy 13-ad145TU,HP Envy 13-ad145TX,HP Envy 13-ad146TU,HP Envy 13-ad146TX,HP Envy 13-ad147TU,HP Envy 13-ad147TX,HP Envy 13-ad148TU,HP Envy 13-ad148TX,HP Envy 13-ad149TU,HP Envy 13-ad149TX,HP Envy 13-ad150TU,HP Envy 13-ad150TX,HP Envy 13-ad151TU,HP Envy 13-ad151TX,HP Envy 13-ad152TU,HP Envy 13-ad152TX,HP Envy 13-ad153TU,HP Envy 13-ad153TX,HP Envy 13-ad154TU,HP Envy 13-ad154TX,HP Envy 13-ad155TU,HP Envy 13-ad155TX,HP Envy 13-ad156TU,HP Envy 13-ad156TX,HP Envy 13-ad157TU,HP Envy 13-ad157TX,HP Envy 13-ad158TU,HP Envy 13-ad158TX,HP Envy 13-ad159TU,HP Envy 13-ad159TX,HP Envy 13-ad160TU,HP Envy 13-ad160TX,HP Envy 13-ad161TU,HP Envy 13-ad161TX,HP Envy 13-ad162TU,HP Envy 13-ad162TX,HP Envy 13-ad163TU,HP Envy 13-ad163TX,HP Envy 13-ad164TU,HP Envy 13-ad164TX,HP Envy 13-ad165TU,HP Envy 13-ad165TX,HP Envy 13-ad166TU,HP Envy 13-ad166TX,HP Envy 13-ad167TU,HP Envy 13-ad167TX,HP Envy 13-ad168TU,HP Envy 13-ad168TX,HP Envy 13-ad169TU,HP Envy 13-ad169TX,HP Envy 13-ad170TX,HP Envy 13-ad171TU,HP Envy 13-ad171TX,HP Envy 13-ad172TU,HP Envy 13-ad172TX,HP Envy 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13-ad103nx,HP Envy 13-ad103ur,HP Envy 13-ad104nb,HP Envy 13-ad104nc,HP Envy 13-ad104ne,HP Envy 13-ad104nf,HP Envy 13-ad104nia,HP Envy 13-ad104nj,HP Envy 13-ad104nn,HP Envy 13-ad104no,HP Envy 13-ad104ns,HP Envy 13-ad104nw,HP Envy 13-ad104nx,HP Envy 13-ad104ur,HP Envy 13-ad105nc,HP Envy 13-ad105ne,HP Envy 13-ad105nf,HP Envy 13-ad105ng,HP Envy 13-ad105nl,HP Envy 13-ad105nn,HP Envy 13-ad105no,HP Envy 13-ad105ns,HP Envy 13-ad105nw,HP Envy 13-ad105nx,HP Envy 13-ad105ur,HP Envy 13-ad106nc,HP Envy 13-ad106ne,HP Envy 13-ad106nf,HP Envy 13-ad106ng,HP Envy 13-ad106ni,HP Envy 13-ad106nia,HP Envy 13-ad106nj,HP Envy 13-ad106nn,HP Envy 13-ad106no,HP Envy 13-ad106ns,HP Envy 13-ad106nw,HP Envy 13-ad106nx,HP Envy 13-ad106ur,HP Envy 13-ad107ni,HP Envy 13-ad107no,HP Envy 13-ad107ns,HP Envy 13-ad107nw,HP Envy 13-ad107nx,HP Envy 13-ad107ur,HP Envy 13-ad108ni,HP Envy 13-ad108ns,HP Envy 13-ad108nw,HP Envy 13-ad108ur,HP Envy 13-ad109nf,HP Envy 13-ad109nl,HP Envy 13-ad109no,HP Envy 13-ad109ns,HP Envy 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